About Us


The Speaker Factory was founded to provide musicians with choices not available in the main stream retail music business. That is, Choice of Style, Finish, Speakers and many other Options, when it comes to Guitar and Bass speaker cabinets.

We are a small business specialising in the manufacture of “Australian Made” custom crafted cabinets

We sell our cabinets direct to musicians at affordable prices

Cabinets are available unloaded, or loaded with quality speakers  from famous manufacturers such as:- Tone Tubby, Celestion, Eminence, EV, Fane, Fatal-Pro, Jensen, Peavey, Sica, Tayden, Weber, Etc. If you already have your own speakers, we can fit these for you also.

We also manufacture Combo and Head Cabinets to suit many brands of Boutique tube amp chassis, such as:- Ampmaker, Cieratone, Mojo, Phaez Amplifiers, STF Electronics, Etc. If you purchase and import a amplifier chassis, we can manufacture a cabinet for you. Make sure they can supply a 240Volt AC version!

Refurbishment:- We can refurbish your old Speaker cabinet, Head cabinet or Combo amplifier, with new original matching Tolex covering, Grill cloth and hardware, in most cases. Contact us for a Quote.


If you want more information on speakers and custom made cabinets email us: info@thespeakerfactory.com.au

or CALL US on: 0458 314 104